“Good health is when your body is supposed to do something, and it does it.

Bad health is when your body is supposed to do something, but it can’t.”

I initially sought Chiropractic care in response to a sports injury at the end of my college athletics career, and at 22, my physical health was at its worst. After a year of exploring routes to simply get out of pain, I eventually saw a Chiropractic Intern at Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Beyond addressing my urgent need of getting out of pain, I noticed other changes in my body – better sleep, clearer thoughts, more energy, and an overall less stressful life. I was educated in principles of natural health, about how our bodies are designed to adapt and be healthy, and I noticed the sphere of possibilities in my life begin to feel much larger.

15 months later, I signed a contract to player/coach a baseball team in Europe, which was the first of four consecutive (healthy) seasons spent between Australia and Europe… traveling the world to play and coach a child’s game was a much better ending to the story than my college days 🙂

I started Chiropractic College in Hayward, California the following year to begin the journey of helping families improve their lives through a long-term natural and holistic approach to health, and am currently serving the local community as an Intern in the Life West Health Center. I’d love to help you or a loved one if you’re in the area (or find someone near you if you aren’t local).

“Who do you serve?”

I take care of entire families, “from womb to tomb”, but I particularly enjoy working with two populations – athletes (mostly due to my athletic background), and then those who have have tried conventional approaches to heal from some sort of physical injury/trauma to the head/neck region, i.e. post-concussion, athletic injuries, or those who have been in motor vehicle accidents.

My specific approach to Chiropractic care analyzes the upper cervical spine, which is the first two vertebra that the skull sits on/where the brain continues into the brain stem and spinal cord. This area also plays a huge role in regulating your autonomic nervous system, which controls processes in your body that are automatic (i.e. heart rate, blood pressure, breath, digestion, reproductive function, etc.).

The purpose of each visit is to check that this area is “clear”, so that the brain and body can communicate properly and do what you’re designed to do… which is innately heal.

Ideally, as you progress through care, you are getting adjusted less frequently as you’re “holding” your adjustments and your body is in a state of ease and adaptability.

Pre & Post Care Cervical X-Rays

“How do I start care with you?”

I am currently checking spines 6 days a week at the Life West Health Center in Hayward, California (Bay Area), and I’d be honored to serve you and your loved ones. Here’s how to get started:

2. Contact Me (Facebook/Instagram/Email) to Schedule a First Visit (See “Hours” below)

“What should I expect in the first few visits?”

Visit 1: History/Exams

Bring your First Visit Paperwork in filled out and ready to go, and we will go over your current and past health history, perform exams, and take the appropriate X-Ray films (if needed). We will also perform a baseline Heart Rate Variability test, which is considered the “Gold Standard” in helping objectively measure your body’s current of adaptability to stressors (and we will re-measure 6 weeks into care… see graphs below or click here to learn more)

Expect this to take about 1-2 hours.

Visit 2: Review Care Plan (and First Adjustment)

Before your second visit, I’ll have gone over your history, exams, and X-Rays (if taken) with a mentor doctor, and then you and I will sit down to go over your care plan. As Life West is a learning institution, the paperwork process takes a little bit of time, so I appreciate your patience 😊

After the report, we will begin care with your first adjustment!

Visits 3 and Onward

At the beginning of each visit, I will check you with an objective measure that allows me to see if your body is “holding” the last adjustment, which means that your body is adapting (good!). My goal is actually to not have to adjust your upper cervical spine each visit, and to evaluate the rest of the spine to allow you to continue “living clear”, as your body is continuing the healing process.

(This could be you!)

After upper cervical adjustments, you may rest for 10-20 minutes in our resting room in zero gravity chairs (!!!) to let your body begin to adapt/start the healing process.

Expect all visits to last around 15-30 minutes.

(Again, please download, print, and bring the following paperwork filled out to the first visit).

“What does it cost?”

Our Health Center offers care at very reasonable rates (more than 50% off most practicing DC’s in the Bay Area), as we’re Interns providing care. The normal fee schedule is:

  • Initial Examination: $65.00 (or $35.00 with a referral)
  • Office Visit: $30.00
  • Re-Evaluation Exam (6 weeks into care): $30.00
  • X-Rays (if necessary):$40.00 –$120.00 per series

We also provide discounts up to an additional 50% off for:

  • Military and First-Responders
  • Students
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Spouses and family of current practice members

Who am I?

Alex Lee, Chiropractic Intern

From the Boston ‘burbs and currently serving families in the clinical portion of a Doctorate of Chiropractic program in Hayward, California. Former NCAA D1 student-athlete before taking my talents internationally. Member of the Delta Sigma Chi professional Chiropractic brotherhood (Nu Chapter). I split my downtime between training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reading, yard projects, painstakingly cooking every meal from scratch, and beach/camping trips.